Echo Studios was founded by Bruno Collingridge and Luke Shore on 20 April 2019, following a few weeks of discussion between the two. They began asking their friends if they’d be interested, and by the end of the day, Echo Studios had grown to 5 members, all devoted to making high-quality video games. Since that day, Echo Studios has expanded massively, with over 25 members. We pride ourself on our cultural diversity, with team members from all around the world, including the Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Australia, and the USA.

We believe in having a friendly and open relationship with our users, and therefore have dedicated this page to introduce ourselves! So if you want to learn more about the team behind our fantastic games, then read on!


Bruno Collingridge
Founder & Project Manager
Luke Shore
Co-Founder & Engine Developer
Michael Casey
Head of Idea Development
Mina Flambeau
Head of Design & Art Director
Martijn Bakker
Vision Manager
Fabian Sales
Composer & Sound Designer
Aden George
Game Developer
Andrew Bustos
Game Developer
Andy I
Game Developer
Rahul Raj
Game Developer
Jorge Acosta
Arwin Paul
Samuel Littlejohn
Concept & Pixel Artist
Eesa Khan
Concept Artist
Jordan Spano
Sound Designer
Max Goddard
Thomas Peters
Marten Albers